New Business Owners Need This


Are you a new or seasoned business owner? Than this post has some great information on why you would want to setup a invoice template, using word to format it.

First, using Microsoft word is very easy, also it provides you with a list of built in templates to use for your invoicing options, this makes it a lot easier on you and faster, you wont need to build it they are there for your choosing.

What are some items that you will find on your invoice templates, the first thing is on the top in the header, you will want to alter this area so that it fits to the style of your company logo and company information. The next part of your invoice should include dates, such as the due date of payment and the date you are sending the invoice as both of these will be key to your financial books. The third part of your invoice should include an item description, along with quantity of that item and also the sale price per item and total sale price for that item, in example if you are selling something at $7.77/month, and they buy 3 of them, you would want to place $7.77 for your unit price and then $23.31 for the total price.

The next part of your invoice setup needs to include the payment options, how you want to be paid, such as Pay-pal, check or credit card.

The last part you want to put on your invoice is the sale number, for example maybe this is a long term client, you would maybe assign them the number 1 and then each invoice update it to say 1-1 for the first invoice, and 1-2 for the second.

All of this information can be filled in by using a Microsoft word invoice template and then archiving them on your computer to keep tabs easier.

View more information at invoice template word.